Testimonials about MDA Outfitters


“Book a hunt with Brec and experience his unparraled "Passion" for Trophy Mule Deer!”

- Jim H.

“I have been lucky enough to hunt some amazing areas, and see and take some awesome animals. As an AZ native, when/if I ever get drawn for AZ, I like to do it myself. When I got drawn for the famous AZ strip bow-tag, I thought I could do it alone, it was over 6 hours away, and I soon found out it was better to get some help. I am not sure if I was luckier to draw the tag I did, or to hire Brec Bundy to help…I am not kidding I think it was to get Brec. To say he knows the strip, is an understatement. It is literally his back-yard, and he does it more for the true love of awesome mule deer, than for money. To make a long story short, Brec worked his tail end off, pre-season, while we were there, and has been amazing even after the hunt. I killed one of the dozen, and I mean dozen HUGE bucks, he had scouted, (it was an awesome year) the buck was my dream buck over 35 inches wide, and scoring over 200 inches, as a typical. It was not only awesome to be lucky enough to get this deer with a bow, it was a fun camp, Brec did everything to make the sometimes lonely, dusty, AZ strip, fun! If you want to hunt with a guy who has a passion for big mule deer, and a sixth sense for how to get one on the ground, give Brec a call, if you are lucky enough to secure his services, then you just may get as lucky as I did in 2010. If you have any questions, or would like to chat about Brec, shoot me an e-mail tom@brewercaldwell.com Thanks Brec…WHAT A HUNT! Thomas V. Caldwell ”

- Tom Caldwell

“I have been putting in for 13B mule deer for years. So long, in fact, that I almost can't remember why. After getting drawn, I was talking to my best friend, Fred Board of Wilderness Sports, who said 2010 is a great year to luck out. He also said the best guide was Brec Bundy out of Utah. My buddy kept after me til I called and committed. Turns out, it was one of my better decisions of 2010. Brec and his team, consisting of Dad, brother and friends, all guides, made me feel like one of those tv sports hunters. They have a video of me watching, stalking and shooting the biggest deer of my life. Had such a good time, I will try for the same hunt next year. It would be great to call Brec and say, "let's do it again, only bigger."”

- Art Jerome

“Brec Bundy and his team of guides are highly skilled in glassing up mule deer. He knows the Arizona Strip and Kaibab intimately. They scout the big bucks before the season to give the hunter the best opportunity to get a trophy. On two hunts with Brec, he became a friend as well as my guide. The camp and the hunt were very enjoyable as everyone on his team was positive and passionate about deer hunting. Every day we scattered to look for deer to increase the odds of finding the big one. The result was a buck of a lifetime. I highly recommend Brec Bundy and MDA Outfitters. He is the first person I will call if I ever get another tag. ”

- Dennis Hankerson

“I have hunted 13A a number of times both archery and rifle. I feel fairly competent in knowing that unit. In the summer of 2009 I got a call from David Virostko and he told me that I had been lucky enough to draw a tag in 13B. After talking with David and Ryan Hatch from Muley Crazy magazine, I decided I didn’t want to take any chances with this coveted hunt. They told me to call Brec Bundy. After talking with Brec I decided that even though I like to hunt on my own, I should hunt with him. That was a great decision. Brec is out on that unit all year long and sets up a tremendous number of trail cameras. He kept me informed about the deer he was seeing through summer and early fall. When the season came around Brec had a great camp set up and some extra sets of eyes, in his dad and brother. We hunted hard everyday and Brec and his family are great at glassing and know the unit inside and out. In the end I was able to get a neat old buck. But more important to me is that it was like hunting with my own family. I had a great time and would highly recommend Brec to help find those monster Strip bucks.”

- Blaine "Bub" Mathews

“In 2008 my brother Ronny and I were lucky enough to draw Arizona Strip tags for the second time. With the help of the folks from MDA Outfitters we both took great bucks over 210 inches. I don’t think we’ve ever met folks with the passion for hunting big mule deer that these guys have. The amount of effort and time they put into scouting was incredible. And on top of that they are all just plain fun to be with.

With their knowledge of the Strip and their desire to find and hunt big mule deer I know a person couldn’t go wrong hunting with the folks at MDA Outfitters. Thank you again for an unforgettable hunting experience. ”

- Randy Cherington

“After building up max deer points for Arizona I decided 2009 would be a good time to put in for an archery hunt in 13B. As a non-resident I would only get one chance to hunt the "Strip" and really wanted to make the most of it. I started researching with phone calls, the web, and looking at magazines like "Muley Crazy" and "Huntin' Fool". After making a list of several guides that did well on the Strip, I started calling them to discuss an archery hunt in 13B. Of the dozen or so guides I spoke with one stood out above the others for his passion and honesty, Brec Bundy! After talking alot on the phone and e-mailing each other, I commited to hiring him if the tag was drawn! Well we drew the tag and Brec started sending me photos of bucks he was seeing during his many scouting trips! Two bucks really stood out, a 200" 4 point I named "Pretty Boy" and a great non-typical I named "76" that was pushing 240"! He sent me photos of lots of other bucks but these two were the kind dreams were made of! A friend of mine made the trip to Arizona with me & I hunted every day of the 21 day season with Brec spending a dozen days of that time with me & I never shot an arrow! I let several bucks that would gross 180 go inside of 20 yards & had "76" in bow range once but he blew out when another buck spotted me! I never saw "Pretty Boy" in the day light during the 21 days I was there!

I'll never get to hunt 13B again but if I could I would probably change a few things the 2nd time around but ONE thing that would NOT change is the guide! I would make ONLY one phone call and that would be to Brec Bundy! I didn't get a buck or even shoot an arrow but the time hunting with Brec was enjoyable from start to finish!

PS Call me anytime & I'll be glad to visit about the hunt or Brec!”

- David Evanow

““When you get lucky and draw your tag for the strip, you need to look no further than Brec. He is prepared, does his homework, runs a clean camp and knows big bucks. If I ever draw another strip tag or a tag for the Kiabab, I will be hunting with Brec again.””

- Jim Wood

“I was fortunate enough to get a 13B Strip Tag and to have Brec Bundy assist me in my hunt. There is no one that knows the Strip better than Brec. I had the hunt of my life and Brec made it all happen for me. Brec worked very hard to make my hunt a memorable one. He even caught it all on film after having to carry a heavy camera around with him. If you are lucky enough to draw a tag in either 12B, 12A, 13A or 13B then Brec's definitely the guy for you. I am just praying for the year to draw another tag so I can hook up with Brec again.”

- Louie Sacco

“Brec Bundy is a good Mule Deer guide and outfitter anywhere you want to take him… but when you strike out with him in his own backyard, the infamous Arizona Strip, he is simply the best. His intimate knowledge of this intimidating and vast territory, and the monster bucks living there, is equaled by his enthusiasm and determination to put your dream buck in front of you. Brec has an awesome record of guiding hunters to trophy Mule Deer, and he takes great pride in maintaining his hard-earned reputation. When you toss in the numerous friends and family members that make up Brecs’ hunting posse, you literally have several experienced guides for the price of one. Like Brec, these guys all spend lots of time exploring this high desert region in search of sheds and close encounters with breath taking Muleys and they just know where to look for the big ones. I was fortunate enough to witness this firsthand, but don’t just take my word for it… ask anybody who has hunted with him… Brec’s your man on the Arizona Strip. Period. I know I wouldn’t gamble a coveted Strip tag by going with anyone else. ”

- Jeff Graves

“I have had the pleasure of hunting with Brec and his crew on two memorable hunts in Northern AZ over the last few years. There is not a group who knows more about mule deer, the Strip and Kaibab terrain, works harder, and are fun to be around than these guys! The knowledge they have of the area and the pre-season scouting they do is second to none - I would highly recommend that if you are lucky enough to draw a coveted Strip tag to employ MDA Outfitters! ”

- Neil Board