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Harvested Photos

Kelli Porter with her first Mule Deer ever!  8X7, 202 inches gross.

Pat, Fred, and Roger with Freds awesome 5X5 with double eyeguards. 28 inches wide, 200 iches gross.

Kelli and her husband Spencer with Kellis giant buck.

Preston, Tom, James, and Brec with Toms once in a life time archery buck.

Tom Caldwells giant 5X4 archery buck.  36 inches wide, 205 inches gross.

Brec and Bird.

Arts 34 1/2 inch wide giant.  Gross score 196 inches.

Brec and Art with Arts once in a lifetime buck.

Bills 13A buck.  27 inches wide, 185 inches gross.

Bill and Brec with Bills awesome typical.

Hank Wicks last day buck.  6X4, 32 inches wide, gross score 195 inches.

Bronson found Hanks buck the last day of the season during a blizzard.

Davids 13B antelope.

Fred Boards 13A Antelope

Three bucks in three days.

Jim Woods 31-inch wide 4X4.  Gross score 190-inches.

Jim Woods 31-inch wide 4X4.

Randy Cheringtons 222-inch gross 6X6.

Ron Cheringtons 210-inch gross 6X6.

Randy and Ron Cheringtons giant 13B bucks.

Ron Cheringtons buck nicknamed Heavy.  A massive 6X6 with 5-inch eyeguards.

How we found Cardiac laying.

The left photo shows Chance and Brec with Chances 2008 13B archery buck that gross scored 226 inches.  The right photo was taken by Brec during the summer of 2007.  You can see how similar the frame is from 2007 to 2008.

Chances awesome 2008 13B archery buck.

Hank Wicks 2006 12B buck.

Kens 2006 12B buck.  28-inch wide 7X5 with a gross score of 193-inches.

Hank & Kens 2006 bucks.

Shawn Vicentes 190-inch 6X4.

Shawns 2006 13B buck.

Kade and Kevin Miller.

Kade & Brec with Kades 2006 13B buck.

Jeff Graves buck.

Jeff Graves 35-inch wide 9X5.  Gross score 215-inches.

The biggest buck to come off of 13A in 2005.

Louie and good friend Dave Weir with Louies massive buck.

Louie Saccos massive 13B buck.

Brecs 2009 general season Utah muzzleloader buck.  12X7, 26 inches wide, and 186 inches gross.

Bronson had been chasing this buck all archery season and had a few close calls but couldn't get him killed.

general season muzzleloader buck.

Blaine Mathews massive 8X3.

Blaines massive last day buck.

Dennis Hankersons 207-inch 6X5.

Jeff, Dennis, & Brec with Dennis Hankersons awesome 207-inch 6X5.

Linda Allens Buck.