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“Arizona Adventure”

 Jeff Graves

"There he is Jeff! Shoot him! Shoot him now before he's gone," urged Brec as our buck suddenly materialized from the thick brush to join the doe we were glassing. As the Giant Muley followed the doe up a rocky wash directly away from us, the rear view of his massive head gear was simply stunning. Tearing my eyes from the incredible sight I sprang into action. After diligently seeking this elusive deer for the past few days I realized that my first look at him could soon be my last unless I acted quickly. Only a couple of steps away from the cover he had been hidden in, the buck's present route would take him over the rim of the opposite ridge and beyond our view, possibly forever.

Scrambling into shooting position, I focused through an emotional flood tide in effort to capitalize on the fleeting opportunity presented in this magical moment.

My awesome Arizona adventure began with the excitement of drawing a super tag. As a lifelong resident of the Deep South, I was thrilled to learn that my first mule deer hunt would take place on the legendary Arizona Strip, in Unit 13A. While known as the Holy Grail for monster muleys, this unique and ruggedly beautiful environment also hosts unbelievably low deer densities, largely due to a healthy mountain lion population. With a few mega-bucks scattered over such a vast and desolate country, hunting this high desert region has the potential to be equally challenging and rewarding. With much enthusiasm I began to plan and prepare for the hunt of a lifetime.
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