My name is Brec Bundy, owner and operator of MDA Outfitters.

I grew up roaming the hills of the legendary Arizona Strip, learning the habits and patterns of one of the most highly sought after big game animals in North America, the Mule Deer. With my addiction to Mule Deer and years of knowledge, I began guiding on the famous Arizona Strip and have had the opportunity to guide multiple hunters. We have been extremely successful because of the amount of time that we spend scouting, filming, and photographing the giant bucks that roam the vast country. On average, I spend 80 plus days a year on the strip, looking for the biggest bucks the area has to offer. Living only miles from the Arizona state line, in St. George, Utah, I spend all my free time on the strip with my dad, Roger and brother, Bronson.

Bronson, a.k.a., eagle eyes, is as addicted as I am to hunting and filming giant mule deer! Bronson, like me, grew up loving the strip and spending every minute possible learning the vast country! He recently gave up racing atv's for Kawasaki to join the MDA team. He is a tremendous asset to the crew and a real joy to be around, for the most part! LOL. He has a passion for finding trophy bucks that not only represent the strip, but satisfy anyone lucky enough to have a coveted strip tag!

The main reason we enjoy the strip as much as we do is because of our upbringing. My dad Roger, started taking us on the strip when we were only a year old. He taught me that hard work and devotion pays off! At the young age of 52, he can still out hike me and never quits going! Even when we have a little free time around camp, he is out checking tracks and doesn't want to lose a minute during the hunt. He has personally taken several great bucks from the strip, back in the day when you could actually draw a tag, and enjoys getting out and tracking the monster bucks that inhabit the majestic country!

I hope this gives you an idea of what we are about and for those few lucky enough to draw one of the coveted tags in units 13B, 13A, or 12B, looking for honest hard working guides with an addiction that only big bucks bring, you have come to the right place. We would be honored to help you on your hunt of a lifetime.